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skydancing94  Send Private Message
Status: angels around me
Real Name: Skydancing
Gender: Female
Birthday: 10/31/1950
Country: United Kingdom
State: Cheshire
Registered: 11/21/2008
Last Visit: 05/16/2015 4:53 AM
hi friends, l have managed serendipitynewslettergroup for about five years at msn, sadly it will soon close, l have been aware of spirit most of my life: one day l wanted to know more all about the spirit world, why certain things happen,my spiritual experiences. So l went to the spiritualist church, where l was asked to attend a closed circle for four years, out of those years l missed two sessions. l do not go down the platform route, spirit had other plans for me, about seven years ago, l met our dear friend morgan who told me l was the medium she was waiting for, since then l have the priviledged and honour of doing circles at her website, which is in favourites. I have learn so much over the past 18yrs, now l am doing psychic art, which is getting noticed, even l have appeared on the local radio, whoo hooo. showing off now. The main aim of this group is to further our knowledge of the power of spirit, and ask God, and spirit to bless our group, god bless skydancing aka linda xxx
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JulieJewels  Send Private Message
10/26/2010 3:02 PM

Hi Sky so glad to get to know you cant wait to see your artwork someday. Looking forward to getting to know ya better, God bless ya my friend, enjoy your day!
wookiebear  Send Private Message
02/16/2009 8:31 AM

Hello Sky~
I love my spirit guide Rosina ~ thank you so much!
Catswyskas  Send Private Message
01/13/2009 3:03 AM

Hello Sky, I think the White Buffalo is a kind of symbol belonging to the Goddess, Divine Mother of Earth.The Masters are here to guide Earth through the next period of time. Les