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I deleted my last account because I found that any posts I made which were "politically incorrect" were either deleted or heavily edited to lose all meaning. For example, this board is understandably tolerant when a member makes posts critical of western/christian prudishness.

However, when one points out similar problems within other cultures, such as the middle east, the criticism is scrubbed out of the post. The same is true when one criticizes the left-wing feminist movements -- such criticism is simply not tolerated on this board. In other words, it's only OK to criticize the western right-wing here. Islam and feminism are "multicultural", thus off-limits to criticism. Rape is OK in Islamic cultures, so long as it's done in a holy manner to punish the woman who dares to expose too much skin in public.

As for feminism, it's mostly run its course in western society to create an informal matriarchy. The majority of both men and women have accepted most of its premises without recognizing them. However, that's not stable because even feminist women give birth to sons that they don't have the heart to kill, but don't know how to raise either. Those fatherless sons have much idle time on their hands because they have no place within the matriarchal structure. Ultimately, they grow up to become gangsters and thugs and replace the matriarchy with a brute force approach to life.

Feminism started off as a force of freedom and equality in the early days, but has morphed into a tyrannical and totalitarian force in modern times. It is from feminism that thought crimes like "ogling" or "creating a hostile work environment" by posting pin-ups arise. Modern feminists would dictate what women may wear and what men may think and in which direction we may look.

It denies that any signficant differences exist between men and women, boys and girls, and their needs. Since men cannot give birth, we have no place in the world they would create.
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My biggest problem with other male members of this board is the assumption that (1) I am gay and (2) I am interested in seeing a man's "junk". Neither is true. I am what I am and you are what you are, and we are not the same. What will be will be. Accept it and DON'T TRY TO CHANGE THINGS! If you are gay, nobody cares, including myself. However, please don't mistake our tolerance or friendliness for sexual interest. I don't care how gay you are or how much you like my pics. They're just that -- pictures. There are plenty of gay websites and gay bars in the world. If that is what you want, then go find them. Men: just because a woman is "hot", does not mean she is interested in you because you are straight and avaiable. Just because a man is "hot" does not mean he is interested in you because you are gay and available. Why so many numb skull idiots out there that can't understand this and move on? Whether you are a male or female, gay or straight, please don't use this site for "cruising" because it's creepy and just pisses people off.
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03/28/2013 2:41 PM

Let's see if this post, made in the "Personal Experiences" board on 3-28 gets banned or modified in any way.

"Anyone else bothered by the fact that there aren't any women to speak of on the social media groups and such that are focused on male thong swimsuits. I noticed this on flickr a while back. I post pictures on these groups, or even just post them in general, and 100% of the people who comment or add them as favorite are men. This causes me to quickly tire and lose interest in these types of sites, always explaining to the commentors that I'm not interested and not gay.

I have always realized there are gay men who are active members of these sites, and this is fine for me. However, where are the straight males and females on these sites? The more I look at these, the more I realize I don't belong. Even on this site, when a man posts tasteful, PG-rated pictures of himself in a thong, the response and interest is 100% male, so why bother? It's not the gays that are the
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03/22/2013 10:26 AM

Looks like the thought police have stuck again on 3/21 when I made a post asking if all the gay related happenings in the news had any bearing on male thong wearers. My suspicion is no, nothing will change for us as a result even if same sex marriage goes national.

That said, my post was deleted, moved, whatever. Free exchange of ideas is definitely something that does not exist on this board. This post simply asked an objective question, and I was penalized for it.
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