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navythong  Send Private Message
Status: Thonging season just started!
Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Registered: 09/08/2004
Last Visit: 09/08/2017 11:40 PM
Straight and married guy living in the Netherlands just 1 km from the nearest beach and into thonging for about 15 years now. I like to thong in my backyard or on the beach and feel the sun on my buns. It makes me feel happy and free. It's a pity summers are rather short in the Netherlands. Both Muscleskins Poser and Thongbiker XD are my favourite thongs. Both have a great tight fit and leave very small tanlines. Have a look at my albums for pictures of my favourite thongs.
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novicethonger  Send Private Message
11/19/2016 8:16 PM

Thanks for your comment, both purple and mallard are MS poser 3/4 strap thongs.
navythong  Send Private Message
11/12/2016 9:41 PM

Thanks for your comment! I like my Muscleskins very much; they have a great fit!
VitaliySF  Send Private Message
10/31/2016 10:41 PM

You look great in Muscleskinz! Happy for you!
DCThong  Send Private Message
09/21/2016 7:36 PM

Muscleskins look great on you!
novicethonger  Send Private Message
01/02/2015 3:42 AM

Thanks for the comments. The orange thong is a Muscleskins poser thong. Its an amazing thong and the color is very striking and flattering when exposed to the sun.
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