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Status: N/A
Real Name: ken
State: Victoria
Registered: 07/23/2005
Last Visit: 10/09/2012 7:10 PM
I attended the GRC Pty.Ltd. From 1976-1994 (18yrs)at Norlane. Was an active Sunday School Teacher and helper for 'certain ones' with special needs (contrary to NNH who said I did nothing to help in the work!)- yet it took 18 people to replace me !
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06/26/2011 4:32 PM

I tried to post on your site but couldn't do it for some reason. My name is Robert Lockyer. I was a member at Norlane for many years. You may or may not remember me but no worries. I now do not live in Australia but would like to catch up with others from GRC who remember me. I do believe my family are still involved there however have not been able to speak to them much since leaving. My email address is Please pass it on to anyone who does know me.
11/23/2010 9:06 AM

Hi, not sure who you are, but I was wondering if you know the whereabouts of Jason Parker?? I used to be friends with him nearly 20 years ago and would love to catch up with him!! Renee
Morning Sunsh  Send Private Message
06/29/2010 8:53 PM

HI MOT you are still here. I think it is all catching up to the old "Noddy Nutter" He IS CERTAINLY getting worse if that is possible. Hope all is well with you. i COULD write a book about this on going saga since I have been here last all about the family destructions he keeps doing. I do think he is obsessively addicted to being POWER HUNGRY.
04/20/2010 4:36 AM

it was my understanding that you are tom not ken
07/10/2009 9:50 PM

r u ken insley? destroyer of all that is good n lovely?
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