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Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/03/1980
Country: USA
State: Michigan
Registered: 10/22/2008
Last Visit: 03/07/2015 4:44 AM
I mostly get online to run my e-fed and check out anything else to do with wrestling. My fed has been going since early '02 and we can always use new members, I love helping others learn and create stories, so if ya want to join just click the link in My Forums titled Weed 'N Wrestling. Ok, so enough of the cheap plug, lol. I am a patient guy, high tolerance to most things if not everything, very shy, painfully shy, but wanting to spill all my thoughts out, so that's why I spend a lot of time onine, mainly in the e-fed world, but trying to get out and write about everything in life. I absoluetely love to listen, watch, and read anything by George Carlin over and over, very hard to get enough as he is by far my favorite comedian, ranter, whatever the fuck ya wanna call him, definitely wanted to meet him. I love to philosophize with people one on one or in small groups of 5-10, but absolutely hate large groups, orginazations trying to rip you of your identity, your individuality by grouping large sums in statistics. Yea, I am very anti standard, status quo, maybe no big time rebel, just an easy going guy who likes to be himself. No harm to anyone, be peaceful and outgoing and respectful, so yea, that is me and I absolutely love wrestling as noted, I love the artistic nature of telling a story through moves in the ring, holds, the flow of the match, plus I do get into the actual storylines, I mark out for my favorites, I am a fucking fan of wrestling and I watch it all, critique at times, but I love it and I respect you for how you love it, but will pholosophize you over it cause I learn more about what I love that way. Anyways, enough said, if ya wanna talk to me, my email is and I use it for MSN and Yahoo Messenger and hopefully, one day, it will be more universal for IM. Ya can contact me here on Aimoo for anything fed related. I am open minded as can be and that's that, contact me for me or ig
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The SEF II Forum Sports
Rock 'n Roll from The Beatles to Kid Rock and all in between, ike new stuf as well. 80's hair bands, 90's grunge, I love rock. I like some rap, mostly Eminem I admit, but I like some others like Snoop, Dre, 50 Cent, plus I love any comedy spoof of a song, Weird Al is my favorite spoof artist, lol. I am tolerant of any music also, at work I get into a rhythm listening to classical shit, though country and pop ain't for me, I respect all.
WWE RAW is my favorite show to watch today and has been since its been on TV, I am a wrestling fan for life and they offer the most variety in a show. Would watch Smackdown, but since the move to My Network TV I can't get it. I watch TNA's Impact, like them, but they ain't as big as RAW, so naturally they ain't as big a priority. If its a wrestling/sports entertainment program, I will watch it! I found a few other shows I like, Sons of Anarchy is one. I fucking love that show, just love it, second only to RAW! Got into Dexter as well, I really like that one too, the way you get be inside his head, the character, its a good show, probaby my new 2nd favorite show, but sons is still up there, its a toss up. I like Caifornication as well and got into Nip/Tuck with my wife, its ok. Big fan of That 70's Show, but for like a year straight I watched every single rerun they showed to catch up on them cause I never got to see the show when it first came out or even until like '05 or '06. Needless to say, all the reruns kinda sent me into overload. Like Aristotle said, "all things in moderation" and I really try to live by that, I believe in that if anything which is rare for me, believing.
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Hawk1975  Send Private Message
05/08/2011 5:59 AM

Thanks for the add mack,been along time.
DiabolicalDra  Send Private Message
01/09/2011 4:09 PM

Saw that you were trying to add me. Do I know you?
CrazyCutie  Send Private Message
02/28/2009 7:16 AM

Thanks for the friend add :-)
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