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Status: Treed back on the hill
Real Name: Jack Buckley
Gender: Male
Birthday: 10/22/1952
Country: USA
State: Kentucky
Registered: 10/25/2010
Last Visit: 06/11/2016 10:50 PM
My Granddad gave me my 1st Mountain Feist when I was 7 years old. That was 51 years ago and I've been breeding. training and hunting them ever since. Granddad also hunted this line of squirrel dogs all his life and so did his dad my great granddad. One may find better dogs out there but when someone sees one of our dogs they will say that is a Buckley Feist that has been providing meat for the table for over 100 years.
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Squirrel Dog Hunte... Sports
Blue Grass and good old time Rock & roll.
History, Discovery, Hunting, Nat Geo and Sports
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Bigbuck04  Send Private Message
12/01/2013 9:13 AM

Jack this Brian Ivester wanted to see what litters you got planned. Really wanting a taz x snowflake pup again. But really like the last two I got the joe black x aqua female is something else.
05/05/2012 11:48 PM

hi i just joined and cannot sign up,any help you can offer would be helpful,thanx-dianne lynn elko
greytail  Send Private Message
11/17/2010 3:19 AM

Breed tree dogs to Tree dogs = tree dogs
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