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Status: Breathing
Real Name: Gary Sez
Gender: Male
Birthday: 02/21/1945
Country: USA
State: Florida
Registered: 11/02/2008
Last Visit: 10/21/2017 12:31 PM
Retired wedding and formal events photographer.

Born in Kentucky, but have lived in Florida since 1962. I've gotten lots of sand in my shoes since then, so Florida's home, not Kentucky.

Love old time country music, rockabilly, early rock and some folk. Have played guitar most of my life, and play just well enough to have fun, but am in no way a professional.

In about 1960, I went on a thirty six drinking binge. In 1996, in order to stay alive for a few more years and enjoy my grandchildren, I stopped cold turkey. For any harm it may have caused anyone, I'm deeply sorry. As for all the many years of fun and great times it brought me and others, well, I apologize to no one for that! A big thanks to Jack Hall for writing the song Bottles, a song about my battle/love affair with the bottle.

In 1998, I established a web site dedicated to a small handful of obscure country and rockabilly artists. Some I know or knew personally, others I knew of. Feel free to visit the site at the below URL.

Gary's Country

Things I Don't Like:
Stupid people.
Suits & Ties. I refuse to wear them!
Overuse of the word "like".

Junk written on a T shirt. You need pay no attention to what's on my shirt, only what's in it.

On Entertainers:

I don't idolize any entertainer, or consider them to be any kind of a hero. If I and millions of others like what they do, then we pay them well for their work. I guess that sort of means they work for me.....and you.
Old time country, early rock, rockabilly and some folk. I also like the pop sounds of artists like Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and several others.

Click song titles to listen in the MP3 format.

The Bottom Of The Glass - Bozo Darnell

Not many!