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Status: n/a
Real Name: Darlene Blair
Gender: Female
Birthday: 09/07/1948
Country: USA
State: Ohio
Registered: 11/12/2008
I am a DWCF who had FMS since the 60's. I am enrolled in college and planning on going back in the spring. I Have a group on facebook. I am having issues with aimoo deleting my pages. Please come and join my FB group while I try to replace the pages.

If you are suffering with fibromyalgia or know someone that is, please come and join my fibro support group. We are understanding and non-judgemental. If you are in need of help, just reach out and we will be there for you.
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The Trails Of Oak ... Home
MOTOWN, of course and Traditional hymns, christian contemporary, R&B, oldies, 70's, 60's, christmas, The Doobie Brothers, The Eagles, Journey, Boston, Chicago, The Temptations
Christian, judges shows, law and order
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dars1948  Send Private Message
12/24/2010 8:57 PM

Tis the season. Hopefully, things will settle down.
GinGintn  Send Private Message
12/24/2010 7:19 PM

I heard from one of the other chicks this morning and she is having trouble also. For two days it won't let her on site ! I contacted admn. so maybe it can be fixed soon. Hugs, Elaine
AlteredAttitu  Send Private Message
01/01/2009 12:49 AM