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Status: N/A
Real Name: elisabetta horrell
Gender: Female
Birthday: 06/13/1976
Country: USA
State: Hawaii
Registered: 02/18/2009
Last Visit: 02/19/2009 9:47 PM
I am 32 years old, soon 33. I come from Italy, born from an italian mom and german dad. Since may 2007 i have been living in Hawaii, US with my american husband Ken. On april 2008 we had a wonderful doughter, Bella.
I like to write, poems mostly, even if lately i've been having a black out...
The small round stone
it rolls on itself
pushed by the tide
Eternal dance without control
nanny of uncontrollable strengths
Cast against the greatest rocks
Game without winning
The small white stone
confuses itself in the sea backdrop
camouflaged in the turbid waters
Worries the wave, caresses the sand
foamy movement of water
constant Reflux that hides everything
The vigilant eye can capture
that moment where the wave is picked up
The waters are embraced
freeing the eternal instant
the exact moment where the small round stone
appears in all of its innocence
I love any kind of music. Everything. I love songs with a meaning, songs that reflect my thoughts and emotions.
ER, House, CSI, Friends, Witch, and moore
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ProudNavyMom  Send Private Message
05/07/2009 3:29 PM

Hi Elisa!

I'm just checking in to see if everything is okay!
It's been over a month since you've posted at the groups...I'm worried about you!
Shoot me an email if you see this just to say hi...please!

TsudTriLili  Send Private Message
02/24/2009 7:26 AM

Hi, I think i fixed the pics in the reference album, let me know if you still can't see them!

setterlover  Send Private Message
02/19/2009 9:54 AM

Hi Elisa-I gave Mairia your email.She said that she couldn't find your message at the hangout.I believe she'll email you soon.Janet
setterlover  Send Private Message
02/18/2009 12:47 PM

Ok.I left her a message for you!Janet:)
setterlover  Send Private Message
02/18/2009 12:42 PM

You want me to type it in Open Cabbage for you?
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