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Status: God's Own - Land of the Long White Cloud
Country: New_zealand
State: North Island
Registered: 11/30/2008
Last Visit: 02/07/2018 3:15 PM
mum of 3 .
gran of 5 .
I have a cat .who hates the cold.
love experimental cooking & trying unknown healthy foods
Avid sport "watcher".
'net pc .when I can get it to go.!
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AnniesPantry.Recip... Home
love- Corrs. Westlife.Italian & Celtic music and
Andrew Lloyd Webber operas.and the late Rob Guest .
not"heavy metal"though .
desperate housewives;[U.S.A.]coronation street ;[U.K.
Shortland street ;[N.Z.]Gok's fashion fix.[U.K.]
Extreme makeover [USA & Ty's Britain ]
English 60 min makeover.;
Fishing shows .[N.Z.]
British /Australia/New Zealand "Masterchef" &"My Kitchen Rules"Australia.
any cooking show there is -I watch .
All home redecorating/ cooking /garden shows.
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11/14/2013 12:17 PM

well autumn passed by , winter too and now its spring only because the tulips started to grow then died off so we are in for a hot long summer .a sprinkling of rainwater came overnight , so hoping that wont rot the seeds in the garden. hoping too that we get a mild summer temperaturewise .so that I can get all the rubbish to the dump and have a cleanup in my garage too too full for me . like my freezer. cant add anything as its chokka full of this'n that-all food. have to do some carpentry work and mend my outdoor table for my pot plants .. where my orchid is now . had it for over whew! dont know how long.. pre 1984. at least . think its outlived its use by date .might invest in a new one .. NO carpentry at all needed . tell you later what I get in its place
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10/31/2012 9:28 AM

having big problems to add TOPIC to the recipes @ moment .
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10/26/2012 6:49 PM

middle of spring but wintry weather has been with us for a bit now . gales and snow and weebit of sun every week.amongst the rain. . what I'd like the members to do is to add their state , their name and recipe they last used . just send it in to me . I'll check to see if there are any duplicates , but usually there isnt .so if you see your state on the baord then if its not you see who it is .. could be a relative or longlst friend .
annie24447  Send Private Message
09/20/2012 7:13 AM

now it's springtime and I'm sure the seasons do not know where they are .. started as spring as in Sun. now its like winter again but dead cold!Too cold for planting seeds out yet but some summery-springtime flowers are already flowered and gone again.
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07/11/2012 5:50 AM

winter is now here . thus woollen underblankets and thicker duvets .and my heater is on [one panel] all night on 1/2 .
With 1/2 the year gone and 'we are heading for christmas 'I was told last evening. what a thought !So frosty mornings and sometimes foggy days and plenty of rain a welcome day brings aglimmer of sunshine just to perk us up.
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