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Status: Gentleman farmer
Gender: Male
Birthday: 02/29/1960
Country: New_zealand
State: North Island
Registered: 02/20/2009
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RE:The Very VERY Frustrated Right ... Reply 08/21/2017
RE:Welcome Our Homegrown Hate and ... Reply 08/20/2017
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Yekyua  Send Private Message
04/09/2009 10:50 AM

Missed your comment, Yobbo, sorry, don't often check my profile. On incongruity of our respective political views online/test results. I know! I noticed placement on both tests was identical. Well, our experiences certainly impact our politics, for one thing. On McGarrigles - have you listened to "Ce Matin"? It's a tad dirge like, lost love and all that - I find it just just unbearably poignant and romantic and sing along in bad French - perhaps though, musical equivalent of chick flick.:-) It's on profile at Yuku anyway.