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Ubergato  Send Private Message
Status: N/A
Real Name: Martin Wade
Gender: Male
Birthday: 11/08/1947
Country: USA
State: Alabama
Registered: 11/05/2008
Last Visit: 05/08/2013 2:12 PM
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RE:Motivational Posters Reply 03/05/2010
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MayaPiraya  Send Private Message
03/25/2010 11:14 AM

I am the gypsy on the road, splitted and not knowing where I belong. Here is empty, FaceBook has lurking criminals, at My Space growling groups and vampyres are hunting me. Ning scared the carp out of me. Yuku then... let's go back there and have a talk.
MayaPiraya  Send Private Message
02/06/2009 7:21 AM

Look out! It's snowing like crazy here. Where's the track-laying vehicle, the snowmobile and where did I put my snow shoes?
eViL_pOp_TaRt  Send Private Message
02/05/2009 1:35 AM

Hi Ubergàto!
MayaPiraya  Send Private Message
02/03/2009 7:37 AM

Got my groups migrated here on Aimoo. Sadly they cannot archive the complete content so I migrated to Multiply also. Have a great evening :)
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