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Status: working on groups
Real Name: Sinful Delight
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05/05/1973
She is tall and well defined, each muscle that of an athletic goddess. Her hair silky and strong, black as the moonless min-night sky makes it all the way to the middle of her thighs, her raven eyes show not any reflection. Her completion is pale with pink lips that are well defined; when she smiles they curve upward with no sign of wrinkles to give tell-tale sign of her age which she does not even know. Her skin is silky soft and if she does it right with one touch she can make any man yearn for her. She has a veil of mystery that many cannot peer through it and this makes her even more desirable. Synful does not think of herself as beautiful and any one who shows her attention she thinks they are out to use her and that make her cold and aloof.
She stands a fairly good height of 5' 6" and her weight is a mere 115 lbs.
Known only to her and her sisters
Sexual Orientation
Ancient Magic: allows one to wield the magic’s used by the ancients. Only descendents or ancients themselves can use it.
Blood Manipulation: the ability to control any one as long as she has that person blood can make them do almost any but kill themselves.
Corruption Sphere: the ability to send out a field around her that lets her be able to control anyone with in in, but her sphere has only a five foot radius
Dark Chaos: an ability that only she knows. It summons a dark sphere and in the middle it summons the forces of pure chaos.
Dark Fire: the ability to control dark fire, this fire has the ability to consume the soul of any creature it touches
Dark Lightening: can manipulate a force called dark lighting which can destroy the soul itself
Dark Sphere: consumes the body and seeps into it, giveing her the ability animate it to do her will
Divine Grace: nulifies all mystical abilities save the user's
Empathy: the ability to sense how an other feels
Heal: heals the injuries a person has received
Mind Evasion: the ability to keep anyone out of her mind
Necromantic Might: Causes three skeletons to rise from the ground, that will not stop attacking until destroyed.
Pain share: allows for ones pain and suffering to be removed from them and into her body.(as well as vice-versa)
Puppet Master: lets the user create weak duplicates of itself.
Raise Undead: If a corpse is nearby, Synful can re-animate it to do her bidding.
Rune Destruction: Places a rune on an object causing it to explode
Shadow Meld: the ability to melt into the shadows
Shadow Jump: while in Shadow Meld she can jump from one shadow to the next making it possible for her to travel likes this
Shape Shift: the ability to change her body from one being to an other as long as it is anthropomorphic creature (human characteristics)
Soul Drain: She has the power to suck her enemy’s soul right out of them, causing them to become weaker and frailer. Soul Drain cannot kill an enemy; it can only cause them to become weak.
Telekinetic: the ability to control or move inanimate objects
Teleportation: the ability that allows her to fade out and into another plane of existence or place.
To interfere with others lives
Very private and secluded. It takes a long time for her to trust anyone and that’s why when she picks her companions they are known to her for a long time. The closer they are the longer she has known them, but that dose not mean that all she knows become her companions.
Dark Sorceress, Fortune Teller are what she does for fun. She was once one of the ancient and of the most-ed fear for not only could she tell the future but she could control it. She had many under her command ready to do anything for her, even kill. Synful was the most evil sorceress one could ever meet, but something in her pass changed her and she will never reveal that to any one. She now runs one of the biggest kingdoms know to the modern world and she is always looking for new ways to keep her people happy and healthy.
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