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Gender: Male
Country: USA
Registered: 11/14/2008
I'm a very private person and do not discuss my personal life on the internet... Learned this lesson the hardest of ways... besides my online personality is more exciting than my real life self. (Hey! I could be your Dad ... or your grannie... you don't really know, do you?)

Visit me>> 'After Dark' the forum for wsam1

When I'm not here... I'm there.

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Wit and Sarcasm News
WIT, SARCASM and A... Arts
Love it all, even gospel, but Rock N' Roll is my favorite. Not only because I grew up listening to it... but ran lights for a rock group in Fort Lauderdale, when I was a little younger. It gave me a chance to see life on the road for a musician and appreciate the things they go thru, to bring music to an audience. Worked with the band about 18 months and gave it up, because the life style was too much for this small town boy.

About music... if it doesn't have melody or I can't hum it... it's not music to me.

Rap is chanting and a few have a guitar behind the words, but with the exception of a very few numbers, I don't care for it.

Jazz?? ehhhh... too abstract for me to appreciate.
I watch very little TV. Being a writer by profession, I know that every writter has a style or in plain language they use the same pattern over and over, with characters, settings and plot difference.

After viewing or reading the same writer's work several times, I can see their pattern. After I see it, I can speak the dialogue with the actors, even tho I've never seen that episode... TV shows have a staff of writers, but even so they write within the pattern of the character.

I like reading better than watching TV or a movie. Characters pictured in my mind from a writer's words are more vivid and real... than an actor trying to show the character the writer meant.

I do watch a few shows, 'if' I'm not doing anything when they come on:

1.)Boston Legal... a great show for shock value comedy. Very little sembalance to real life court or lawyers... but funny... William Shatner is Denny Crane!

2.)All About Jim... Belushi plays himself laughing at himself (if you understand the difference)

3.)Fraiser... too bad it isn't still in production

4.) Weather... gotta know for the refinnishing of antiques.
If it's wet and the finnish hasn't seasoned yet, it turns a milky color. I work under a tent for ventilation and wet weather causes me to move the items into a building.

Seldom watch or read the news. Worked for an agency once that gave regular reports to the news agencies. Didn't recognize 90% of them in the paper or on TV. If you check who owns TV news, you will see it is an entertainment company. What does that tell you?
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jewel2u222  Send Private Message
08/12/2010 4:54 AM

SWITCH.. Are you ok?? everyone is so worried....and don't tell me your on vacation again without your laptop!..I may not be one of your scholars you have in the group but I'm smart enough to know BS when I hear it. we miss you! We all care..if there is anything we can do..all you need to do is ask (hugs)
07/17/2010 4:33 AM

Where are you?

Annie x
NeverCominHom  Send Private Message
01/22/2009 12:06 AM

How can I add you to our group? I looked for your nic, and all it gave me was some dude in Georgia!
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