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Status: N/A
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Registered: 10/27/2008
Complicated Relationship; I have 2 Grown Daughters, and spend my Nights on my Computer.. lol...
I have a Backgrounds group,that you can use any of the Sets in your group that you wish... Must join the group to use.. But don't have to be active.. Just sign in Monthly... Here's the link..



I have a New group I am just opening it is a PG, Anyone is welcome to join, It's a Friendly, Copy-aware Siggie is an Active group.. So if your not going to be active please don't join.. Looking for active PSP'ers here... Link is Below..

Cher,Rihanna,Mariah Carey,Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson,Kelly Clarkson,ACDC,Alice Cooper,Aerosmith,ZZTOP, Just too many to mention...

CSI, 70's Show, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Lucy Show, and Many More.... CSI-- Special Victims is my Favorite though..
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