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ShugaGran  Send Private Message
Status: N/A
Gender: Female
Country: Canada
State: Saskatchewan
Registered: 11/16/2008
Last Visit: 07/17/2017 12:18 AM
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SGS Friends
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RE:Knock Knock Reply 08/21/2017
RE:It's Now Reply 08/21/2017
RE:Junk Drawer Reply 08/21/2017
RE:Today I Was Here Reply 08/21/2017
RE:Outloud Reply 08/21/2017
RE:Easiest Game Reply 08/21/2017
RE:a-z Who Dit It Reply 08/21/2017
RE:A-Z Scatagories Reply 08/21/2017
RE:A-Z Scatagories Reply 08/21/2017
RE:ABC Conversation Reply 08/21/2017
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ShugaGran  Send Private Message
08/18/2017 6:08 AM

Great to see friends! thanks for your messages
squish123  Send Private Message
08/16/2017 12:11 AM

Hello Gran.
Kiwimaid  Send Private Message
08/10/2017 8:42 AM

Sorry Gran haven't been on computer for ages. Get double vision. Eye muscles no longer work way they are 'sposed to due to the Dystrophy. When I do get on here only get to answer couple posts before eyes get too bad. See you whenever I meantime practice laying off da bat tho ya may need it fer Doc,,, ya didn hear dat from me . No Siree Iz an angel! Big hugs Marg.
ShugaGran  Send Private Message
06/13/2017 12:04 AM

Come to SGS
KarenSK  Send Private Message
06/06/2017 8:49 PM

I am here but have NO idea on how to move around here
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