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Rowdy_Roddy  Send Private Message
Status: N/A
Real Name: Roddy Piper
Gender: Male
Birthday: 04/17/1954
Country: Scotland
State: Glasgow West
Registered: 02/14/2009
Last Visit: 01/26/2016 10:56 PM
There's nothing here right now. I will add something later.
No music added yet, I will add later.
No TV shows added yet, I will add some later.
No posts.
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Blaze_Inferno  Send Private Message
05/19/2017 11:18 AM

MrEricBischof  Send Private Message
10/12/2009 12:17 AM
Blaze_Inferno  Send Private Message
07/06/2009 2:27 PM

Hello. Everything all right over there? *is tempted to whack your computer* Really missing you once more. Wanted to make sure you are all right. There's a sign up going on at fwar plus you had a match for Mayhem. You know what's funny? You caused me to have a crush on Roddy.
Blaze_Inferno  Send Private Message
05/18/2009 2:53 PM
I found some Roddy pics on photobucket. They is probably over 50 pics there.
Blaze_Inferno  Send Private Message
05/18/2009 1:32 PM

Your welcome. Travis Johnson? I think he's in wwer on proboards. I got to remind myself to ask Crystal Sweet why I was banned from Designer angels for no reason when I did nothing wrong. I wanted to just pick up a banner but the owner acts like 2 year old. I think she hasa grudge against me. believe the owner is skcaga6. All i did was donate 2 layouts to the site.
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