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Status: N/A
Gender: Female
Birthday: 03/02/1954
Country: USA
State: Idaho
Registered: 03/18/2010
Last Visit: 03/18/2010 12:20 PM
I am a 56 year old mother, grandmother, wife, and daughter. I have two grown children who live in other towns, but the same state. I am on a spiritual journey which is leading me to the home of my heart. I have been activly studying for about 2 years now with reading and doing my best to stay in contact with others who practice Wicca.

I found Wicca when I ordered a book and began reading it. It described all the things I have always believed to be true for me. It was amazing and left me with a high I had never felt before.

I am also a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. I mention this because it is what gave me the freedom to find a "god as I understood it" and break out of the all punishing God I grew up around. It is a lso a very big part of who I am and how I try to live my life.

I am a drug/alcohol counselor as well. This is more ingrained in me I think. There are times I have trouble not being a counselor and just being. I have always had the type of personality that draw others to me with their concerns, thoughts, fears whatever. Had I been able to follow my own advice a long time ago I would have lived a very different life I am sure. But I believe that we all go through what we do for a reason, which is not necessary for me to understand just to accept.

I also tend to be rather wordy sometimes so I will end this and let others get to know me over time. When I call you my family it is not just a word to me it is because I feel you are indeed my family.
Most anything I can understand the words to. I go anywhere from classical to country.
NCIS, CSI (all), Law & Order (all), and Criminal Minds.
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shadowdance  Send Private Message
03/03/2013 9:57 AM

Hello hon, Just thought that I would drop by and leave you a comment and see how you are doing. And to get Chalandor busy and us all visiting one another. Bright blessings your way. Aurora Happy Birthday!!!
KaeSanh  Send Private Message
08/01/2010 3:05 PM

Hi thank you for the invite and I am more than glad to be your friend. See you tonight at ritual.
shadowdance  Send Private Message
07/05/2010 9:57 PM

Good morning hon. How are you doing? hope that all is well with you. I am doing ok. Still really sore. I wish that I could add comments on pen sisters. I don't know what is wrong. I think that Lady Wyndewalker is going to work on it. Ihope you have a great day hon.
Love and light your way always,
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