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Status: Have a wonderful day
Real Name: Irene Johnson
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05/09/1946
Country: Australia
State: Victoria
Hello.. I am Irene (Rene) (Renegal59) I am from South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. I'm a divorcee, I have 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren and 2 Great Grandchild whom I adore. I am retired now, I live in a 2 bedroom unit, in a beautiful country town. I love spending time in my gardens, mad computor addict, also love scrabble, crosswords, yahtzee. I love a party, spend a lot of time socializing with my family and friends. If you want to know more just ask me?
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Old Farts And Swee... Friends
Celine Dion
Bette Midler
Country Music
Most Modern Music
Bold and the Beautiful
Home and Away
Aussie Idol
Dancing With The Stars
Think You Can Dance
Biggest Loser
Law and Order
Full To The Rafters
All Saints
Find My Family
Backyard Blitz
Australian Football
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LifesMagic  Send Private Message
03/05/2010 2:49 AM

Thank you, Rene, for accepting...I appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful day!
lanles00  Send Private Message
02/10/2009 9:32 PM

This is such a lovely picture Rene. Yes it's heartbreaking to see animals and humans alike suffering like this. Did you hear what Mr Rudd said? "These firebugs should rot in jail." And I agree with him although I'd like to get them and throw them into the fires that they have started. It was good to hear from you anyway. Take care.
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01/05/2009 10:17 AM

Hi Rene, Hope you had a nice Christmas and a great start to the New Year. Ours was pretty quiet as usual with one exception and that was some twit driving up and down the streets after midnight blasting his car horn and Lance yelling out........."What else did you get for Christmas?" LOL It's getting hotter over here now after having a very cold spring. Lance is watching cricket which is surprising but that's only because there's nothing else worth watching on TV this time of the year. Well young lady I'm off to see what my members are doing in our new group. Most of the people in my group are mainly Americans with one Pommy and another Aussie who lives in Sydney. Your are quite welcome to join us if you wish. Bye for now Lesley.
lanles00  Send Private Message
11/22/2008 8:28 PM

Hello Rene How are you finding the new group? It's not as bad as I thought it would be LOL. I've nearly finished my other group and everyone who boo hooed it are now very happy with so that's something I guess LOL. Catch you later. Lesley
Josefina53  Send Private Message
11/21/2008 6:32 PM

Hi, Rene)))) A very nice photo in the avatar. So beautiful and young)))
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