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I like being up front and honest about things so that both parties know exactly where they stand. Sometimes I can be too frank especially when I have nagging questions which I hope to have answered. In the event you fall victim to my frankness, I apologise. :)

I'm trying to understand why I like skimpy underwear. Ever since I was a teenager, I liked the idea of wearing skimpy underwear. Maybe it's because my mother wore them. My sister certainly does. And my mom told me that her brother bought a pair of thongs by accident and decided to wear them. After hearing that story, I expressed the wish to wear thongs and g-strings. I was exposed to porn at an early age so maybe that also contributed to my desire. I don't watch porn anymore. But I still find myself checking out the thongs and string on underwear sites expressing the desire to wear them. That's why I took the plunge and bought one of the skimpiest and most comfortable looking one I could find: a Manstore 101 black mini-string. It turned out not to be so comfortable; it brought me to this board though.

Now I'm out looking for a set of comfortable strings and thongs. I will start with a full pouch and work my way down. I prefer freeballing. But since I live in a conservative community and will most probably marry a conservative woman, wearing thongs and g's sound like a good compromise, don't you think? ;)
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