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Status: Comfortable in being Crazy
Real Name: NyghtOwl LG
Gender: Female
Country: USA
State: Washington
Registered: 12/14/2008
Last Visit: 01/08/2011 6:48 AM
If You Really NEED to know Just Ask me. I'll probably Tell You something, or I might just Beat around the Bush and Let You figure it out on your Own..

These Quotes I use Often:
Been There, Done That!
What Ever!!
Don't Go There!!
You haven't walked in my Shoes!!

But- I'm really into Taking pictures within my Yard or I go Hunting in Cemeteries to find out what could be in there.. Ghostly Orbs? Spirits that whisper in your ear? Mistyhaze that show up when You least expect them.. Sharing my knowledge to those who are Interested and are willing to learn.. I am also a great listener.. I use what God gave to me My Senses and Common Sense.. I am Not Psychic, or a Medium, I do Not do Readings (as I feel that You make Your life what You want it to be.. Thats just my Opinion) I beleive that all Spirits, Ghosts, Animal Spirits are here to Help us on our Journey where ever it may lead us..
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NyghtOwl's Woods Religion & Beliefs
Easy listening, C&W, Native American, Oldies but Goodies,
All CSI's, Ghost Hunters, GHI, Food Network, Paranormal State,The Dead Files, Animal Planet, History Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, AMC, CMT Channel.
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