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Status: N/A
Real Name: Maggie
Gender: Female
Birthday: 09/05/1951
Country: England
State: west mids
Registered: 10/27/2008
Born in Cornwall. Living in West Midlands .GSOH favourite colour Purple... star sign Virgo..... I dont gossip, spit,drink out of bottles or nag ... I am not impressed with fast cars executive jobs or castles in the sky. I am down to earth ..
streetwise with a little class thrown in :-)
Hobbies and Interests
Artist -Tamara De Lampicka Authors: too many to name.. anything about WW2 , fiction of 1920s - 40s , Biographys ,Titanic ! My passion is music, PSP, i enjoy movies, Theatre,Julie Andrews !!, museums, Art Deco, antique shops B/W photography, 20th century poetry, reading

smarties , choc buttons ,Black magic chocolates, Australian Chardonnay ... having and giving hugs ,good conversation lots of laughter and a very special Bear
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09/04/2011 9:06 AM

well - this is my first visit so will go walkabout and have a look around! :-)
Zooty  Send Private Message
05/30/2011 7:23 AM

What happenerd to you to make you leave ZNJ ?
Why do we not see you there anymore ?
We miss you.
Hugs zooty
Rallyreg  Send Private Message
11/09/2010 11:05 PM

Molly can you make me a game page "NAME THAT TUNE"
I add a line from a song and you have to guess the song and artist.
Each day I add an extra line till we get the right answer.
Rallyreg  Send Private Message
07/10/2010 1:24 AM

URGENT Are you still coming 23-26 Jul ? if so would you like a cruse up the Thames to Tower Bridge on Saturday Cost £30. Need to know ASAP before the tickets sell out.
Rallyreg  Send Private Message
06/17/2010 10:09 PM

I know you don't drink out of bottles as the lager you drink only comes in cans LOL
When do you want to come over and check your ancestry ?
Spare room is still in a bit of a mess, with boxes still waiting to be unpacked but there is a bed, dressing table and chair etc if you want to come and stay.

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