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Status: N/A
Gender: Female
Country: Sweden
Registered: 10/27/2008
I am an animal and nature lover living in Sweden. I like to spend my time with friends and my cats, of course.
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Friendship Society
Twisted Tails Home
OK, I am very open minded. Depending on my mood I listen to TOK'N (rap), Russian Gothic Sorrow, genuine gypsy music, gypsy jazz and much more. If you are curious, check my play list below. Time to time I will add something new to it.

Music Playlist at

I am too busy having a TV to watch. There is enough to watch in the woods and fields.
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Ubersweet Eyes - Baby Owls Topic 05/14/2013
First Aid Kit 'Lion's Roar' Topic 12/30/2012
Russian SPA for kitty cats Topic 12/30/2012
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Simply Beautiful Topic 07/23/2012
RE:Funny about cats Reply 07/21/2012
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MayaPiraya  Send Private Message
07/22/2012 4:49 AM

I am the gypsy on the road, splitted and not knowing where I belong. Here is empty, FaceBook has lurking criminals, at My Space growling groups and vampyres are hunting me. Ning scared the carp out of me. Yuku then... let's go back there and have a talk.
Grannieskids  Send Private Message
05/12/2011 1:24 AM

Hi, I'm Grannie, from Grannies Attic. Just happen to look at your profile. Just want you to know, I love cats and birds and dogs. Hugs, Grannie
MayaPiraya  Send Private Message
06/23/2009 7:02 AM

Leave a note here if you stumbled in. I won't bite. I am a friendly Swedish odd woman who loves cats and birds, even people.