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Status: Blessed
Real Name: LittleVoice
Gender: Female
Registered: 01/10/2009
Last Visit: 06/14/2009 5:01 PM
I am a Registered Nurse with a cardiovascular background working in Hospice at the current time caring for terminally ill patients. I'm also a single mom to two great teenagers who keep me hopping!

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U2 Graffiti Wall Arts
I love U2 the most but do enjoy many types of music like old jazz (Louis Armstrong and Billie Holliday just to name a couple) and I love Queen.

Music Playlist at

My favorite shows include Law & Order, House Hunters and all things HGTV, Top Chef and Survivor.

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Re:Ahhhhhhhhh I found my way back! Reply 12/26/2011
Happy Birthday, Unhitched! Topic 12/23/2011
Re:Ahhhhhhhhh I found my way back! Reply 12/23/2011
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EdgeGurl  Send Private Message
04/13/2009 9:25 AM

I'm glad I found you guys too! Hope you had a great Easter!
EdgeGurl  Send Private Message
04/02/2009 10:47 AM

HI LV!!! I just wanted to say hello to you, and I hope you are doing well. It's been a little while!!
U2roxmysox  Send Private Message
01/23/2009 7:50 AM

Thanks for the message on my profile thingy! lol You've really fancied up your profile! Hope you're having a great week! U2ey hugs and love!
blkjacku2  Send Private Message
01/18/2009 5:23 AM

Awwww, thanx, LV. No, that guy shouldn't have gotten away with this so easily. We're happy that he's been aressted, but he should have had his license taken away too. Hope this goes to court & this guy goes to jail for all of the stress & pain that he's caused us, & espically Heath.


blkjacku2  Send Private Message
01/18/2009 1:31 AM

Thanks, LV. I'm so glad that Heath is ok, but he's feeling down & depressed & angry.
First,turns out our car is a write off. Then the inurance company said they'd give us a cheque for what the car's worth, but we have to give it to the car loan company cause we still owe $ on the car we no longer have.
As if that's not enough, we're now havign trouble getting another car. We tried to use me as a co-signer to another car finacing company, but I don't make enough $ or have enough credit.
The only bight side in all of this, despite Heath being ok, is that the guy at the collision place where they took our car is trying to help us get another car.
We asked my mom & heath's if they would be willing to co-sign. We'll see what happens.
The guy that hit our car, all he got charged with was reckless driving & fleeing the scene of an accident & 9 points off of his lecense.
Not fair, he still has his car. If we don't get a car, Heath could loose his job.
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