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Status: Bored out of my mind
Real Name: Litha Sapien
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05/05/1973
Country: USA
State: North Carolina
Registered: 01/18/2009
Last Visit: 03/11/2018 8:46 PM
Through the darkness of a nightly shadow, a gleam is seen, reflecting from the moonlight, forming the figure of a young woman-kitten. The gleam, now seen more clearly radiates from a silk kimono, as well as orange straight hair. Devilish eyes and creamy pale skin...she is a demon Kitten. She is the one and only Demon Kitten of the Order of the Hellstormm. Starting Trouble in the Order of the Hellstormm. Looking for trouble, fun, chaos, anarchy and TAG.
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The Temple of the... Recreation
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Full Name: Litha Hellkitten
Reason or meaning of name: She was born under the rare Blood Moon of the Ostara Sabbat
Nickname: Brat or Pain

Reason for nickname: Because of her playful attitude
Birth date: March 22, 1429
Age: 575 years old ( young child in her species)

How old does she appear? 20 years old
Eye color:

when happy or calm they are Blue

when angry or pissed off they are Deep Red

when on the hunt they are Bright Green

Weight: 165 lb

Height: 5'9'
Type of body/build: Muscular, but very feminine
Horns: She has them, but to her skill she can case a spell and not show them.

Body: She has the capacity to change her shape to fit her need, from full common black house cat to full hellcat and even full human. She can also make different changes, like mid-form too.

Markings or tattoos: two tattoos one brand


SG at the base of her neck


WDD on upper left arm

DP on the base off the tail

Piercing: Four Two on each ear

Wing Span: 24' feet

Skin tone: Pale Red
Hair color: Deep Red changing to a Black Red, can control the color but only slightly.
Distinguishable hair feature: Long to her butt, but she can at will change the length of it.
Drinks: Yes What? Cream, Milk, and Bloodwyne
When and how much? As often as she can
Hobbies: Weapons training Chaos, Mischief, Trouble, TAG and full time Brat
Hometown: Unknown
Litha's greatest fear: The lost of those close and dear to her.
Why? She was abandon by her adoptive family and left to experience true loneliness.
What is the worst thing that could happen to her? Losing her new family
If granted one wish, what would it be? To know her past and her true family

Why? For she wishes to know where she came from and why she was left at the castle
Extremely skilled at: Stealth attracts (this is do to her playing tag)

Special Abilities: time and space control, healing, can read and send mental thoughts, controlling fire, and can fight with any weapon without ever using it

One word that she would use to describe herself: Vengeful
One paragraph description of how she would describe herself: Litha has grown over time and now she is one of the meanest daemons in the Court of Hell where she is the Great Duchess of the Third House of hell.

How she reacts in a crisis: Cool clam and collective

Kinds of problems she usually runs into: Getting into trouble
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