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Lady_Majyk  Send Private Message
Status: N/A
Real Name: Lady~Majyk Whispering-Owl
Gender: Female
Birthday: 05/29/1951
Country: USA
State: Montana
Registered: 11/16/2008
Last Visit: 12/08/2014 11:02 PM
Meet Lady Majyk Whispering-Owl

Lady Majyk Whispering-Owl is the founder of Light & Shadows of Chalandor Coven. She has been a High Priestess for more than 35 years. As a 3rd degree High Priestess and High Elder, she was trained in Lyceum of the Goddess under the guiding hands of Lady Majyk Fawn and Lord Shick Night Owl starting in 1974, she has helped train many in the path of the Wise around the world and continues to offer her gentle guidance to all that seek seriously.

Lady Majyk is a Metaphysical Coordinator or "Witch"..... Eclectic Witch & Pagan, a Solitary Witch, Coven AHPS, Herbalist, Teacher, Reiki 9 Master, Meditation Instructor, and Crone. As legal clergy, she is certified within the Faith & State. She is well-versed in the rituals of Handfastings, Wiccanings, and Passings. As well, she lends assistance to those wishing to write their own rituals for personal ceremonies. She enjoys teaching others & working within the faith & magick.

Lady Majyk is open to all. Although strict in her training, she does her best to look at the individual and guides as their need arises. She believes that no one can be an effective witch & Priest/ess if they do not commit to daily work & thinking as a witch of their station 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Lady Majyk has studied many religions & believes each person should know the ways of as many faiths & traditions as possible to better understand society & the way they think. This tends to be a very good tool to help us all deal with many types of situations in our daily walk. This is part of the training she offers her dedicants in training. She also feels it very important to celebrate and know the Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year and she lives her path daily.

In 1999,Lady Majyk began her own coven on the world-wide web. Now,in 2014, while she still conducts her Coven online, she is available at her covenstead & enjoys rituals & other gatherings
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I am not much of a watcher of tv but I do enjoy seeing Stargate, Enterprise, the trek shows, in general when I find time...oh and I like seeing the one with the host named Tye that gives houses to needy people. It is nice to see a reality show that does a nice thing rather than cause havock. I lothe daytime tv and all the soaps and games shows that take away from people's active time when they could be enjoying something constructive.
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PYMUSi  Send Private Message
01/11/2016 8:18 PM

happy 2016 everybody
shadowdance  Send Private Message
02/02/2014 6:07 AM

Merry Meet Lady Majyk, I thought that I would surprise you and visit your page and let you know that you are being thought of. I visited everyones page and left a message. It would be great if we all got into that habit. I think it would help us all get closer. Not much is new here. I spent the night at my daughter Danni's house last night was so neat to spend some time with her and my grand daughter Karter. That child is so full of it. LOL. She just makes me laugh. I hope that you have a wonderful day. In love and light, Aurora xo
phoenix-fyre  Send Private Message
10/01/2013 12:29 AM

I am posting this as an idea to bring in an idea for making money. Using T-shirts, decls from Chalandor could be ironed on or sewn on. If a project like this were undertaken, these t-shirts could be used as yule gifts. It would also assist those who are still in the closet to come out if they wish. If I had an embroider sewing machine, i would do this myself. BB
phoenix-fyre  Send Private Message
05/31/2013 4:48 AM

I'm wondering if I will be able to attend ritual, esbats and sabbats? I ask because I was declined to be a normal member and able to attend classes?
shadowdance  Send Private Message
03/03/2013 10:01 AM

Hello my Blessed Lady Majyk, Just letting you know that you are being thought of. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. May the Goddess touch you with healing. I wish that I was closer to you to help you.. Please take care of yourself.. Love you so much, Aurora xo
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