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Real Name: Joel Spitzer
Joel Spitzer has been a leading authority in the development and implementation of smoking cessation and prevention programs for over 30 years. Far from just following and teaching the commonly held beliefs of the day, he recognized early on that nicotine was an addiction while most of the medical and scientific community contended it was simply a habit. His early insights allowed him to develop and implement nicotine prevention and intervention strategies that were decades ahead of their time. Participants in Joel's clinics have success in quitting at rates that far exceed the national average for such programs.

Since 2000 he has served as Director of Education at

Joel has been providing smoking cessation and prevention services since 1972.

He has conducted more than 350 six-session stop smoking clinics to over 4,500 participants, including programs for major corporations, medium and small sized companies, universities, health departments and numerous hospitals in the Metropolitan Chicago area.

In addition to nicotine cessation clinics, Joel has developed and presented smoking education seminars to both adult and school age groups. Since 1972, he has presented more than 690 single-session seminars. Joel has been a primary speaker on the physical, psychological and social aspects of smoking at over 30 major conferences on smoking and health throughout Illinois. He has trained physician and lay speakers for the American Cancer Society.

Joel has conducted numerous radio, television, newspaper and magazine interviews. He authored more than 100 quitting articles that were intended as follow-up reinforcement lessons for participants who had attended his stop smoking clinics but are today being shared at quitting forums across the Internet.
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