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Status: The times- they are a' changen'
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Last Visit: 04/21/2014 11:07 AM
I am 42 years old- Married and an at home mother of 2 boys. I am a Solitary Christo Eclectic. I do things a little differently than most as I revise things a bit- re-write other things- do a little of this- use a little of that- I'm also a bit of a Kitchen Witch too- but most importantly- I dedicate my works to the hand of Christ and I follow in the path in which he has set for me.

I'm non-judgemental and I get along with pretty much everyone most times. I find unique qualities in every person I meet or who comes along in life with the exception of the more Nefarious sorts. Nefariousness and I don't see eye to eye as it were.

I love all of my friends very much and I am grateful for everyone who has come along or who I have met over time- especially those whom I have met online.