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Today, "science" is largely determined by the "peer review" system, which, in my opinion, has developed anti-scientific qualities, threatening not just "truth" but also our health. This system seems especially problematic in the bio-medical fields. I'm a historian, and I've taught at a few different colleges and universities. Mostly, I taught "Western Civilization" type courses. One of the most important points I made to students was that "modernity" is separated from "antiquity" by the scientific method. The scientific method is based upon a few simple "rules:" there should be no bias on the part of the investigator, the investigator should control for all potentially causative factors, results should be made public, and experimentation should continue, because there are many possible ways to "go wrong" in science, such as technical problems or mistaking effect for cause. I've decided to remain anonymous because I want the scientific evidence to "speak for itself." I encourage comments and questions, as well as citations of evidence you think supports or contradicts points that I make. The scientific method can only work if we actually adhere to it!
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