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Status: Love, Faith, Hope and Courage
Real Name: Carol
Gender: Female
Birthday: 12/22/1964
Country: Canada
I find it very sad that people make judgements without finding out the truth for themselves. Life i so precious, we are not here to bring pain to one another, We never know what a person is going through in their life, but each one of us is dealing with something, painful, emotionally or physically.

Compassion seems to be losing out over hate, spitfulness, and mean spiriteness.
I can't believe that any of us want this to be part of our lives. I have made many bad decisions are hurt people so much, which is very hard to live with, except to try to forgive myself

I have had breast cancer for 5 months now. It has mastisized, meaning it has effected every part of my body. My prognosis is one year. There won't be any treatments and the only thing that the docs can do is to try to make me omfortable.

Peace or conflict? It's a choice I have to remind myself every day.
We'll never find peace by constantly fighting for it, be it within ourselves, our families, our friends, our community and globally.
Genuine kindness is constant, there are no exceptions, love is the only answer. Ego has no place in a gladdened heart.

I was a social worker and social work instructor for many years. I now work as a photo journalist, as well as my own writing. That's what I do hang out in my community and my friend's community, read, sleep and write.

RAMA hugs
classical - Vivaldi and others
heavy metal makes me vomit
in my last job I worked with 500 street kids and if I had to listen to rap again, I'd pull my hair out.
some country music is really good, love Trace Adkins
The Watchmen
Desperate Housewives
all the CSI
Ghost Whisperer