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Status: N/A
Real Name: Charmayne Nield
Gender: Female
Birthday: 07/15/1976
Country: United Kingdom
State: Lancashire
Registered: 05/03/2010
Last Visit: 01/07/2011 5:46 AM
i am a mother of 8 children, 7 girls and a boy. My passion is animals and i currently own 2 staff bitches, tasha and tia, they are not related but have identical markings and tia is 6 months older than tasha, both dogs i have rescued and trained. i have 2 cats as my fiance prefers cats to dogs, i also have a 4.5ft iguana called billy bob, totally tame and gets down on the floor with the dogs and cats. A dane has been my dream dog from being 6yrs old and i studied them for 4 yrs before deciding to buy one, boo is not as perfect as all your danes but he is to me. im known for my big heart and my drive, i never give up on anyone or anything. also i look after a 8 yr old harley called harley who is totally deaf, she belongs to a friend and i look after her whenever they go away. so its all madness in my home but i love it, lol. im easy going and as down to earth as they come, i am honest and open. my faults are i chew my nails badly and i smoke. and im sure i have many more i dont see myself lol. i hate critism but deal with it politely grrr, but would love to hear from all you dane lovers out there. also some advice on how to use this website would be welcomed. thanks
bon jovi, guns n roses, most 60's and 80's, love george micheal, some dance music and the sloshy stuff. pretty much easy listening.
csi new york, medium, ghost whisperer, silent witness, crossing jordan, law n order svu. true movies, weepies, and i love horrors.
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Charmayne  Send Private Message
11/21/2010 1:16 AM

hi all, boo is doing great. he is getting big now and weighs about 9 stone, he is now 11 months. he is so friendly, loves kids and other animals, although he can be clumsy around them lol as im sure you all know, when he is around kids its like skittles every time he turns round lol. will try and put on some upto date photos on here. hope you are all well, chaz n boo
Charmayne  Send Private Message
05/08/2010 11:55 AM

I am a first time dane owner. my dane is a male harley called boo, he is currently 18 weeks and i have owned him for 6 weeks. he has had a bad past with his breeder and is partially deaf, he can hear pitches but cannot tell where sound is coming from. but you would never know to meet him. he lacks his black markings as you will see in his pic and he has a pink nose and eyelids and the most amazing blue eyes, he is loving and very intelligent and is currently in training for verbal and sign, i have trained dogs for many years now and despite his problems he responds just as well as any other dog i have trained in the past. i welcome your advice and storys and also welcome any questions you have. thankyou.
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